Hantle ATM Machines

Hantle ATM Machines

Hantle is a great ATM brand. It succeeded Tranax and proceeded Genmega. Its no secret that Hantle and Genmega are made in the same factory utilizing the same components and software. There are only two Hantle ATM machines models that are still in production.


The 1700w was the hottest seller prior to the Genmega G2500. Its a great machine, however many people chose to spend slightly more money to get the updated look and larger screen of the G2500. As a result, we don’t sell many of these ATMs anymore.


Hantle’s T4000 is a longtime favorite of those who deploy 24/7 ATM machines through the wall. The price is higher than that of a GT3000, but the sun-viewable screen and FI esthetics make it well worth the extra cost. In the end, it comes down to space. We recommend the T4000 if you have adequate space, if not, then we recommend the GT3000.